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This is Michael Bacon's first book entitled Prophet, Come Out of Your Cave!

Prophet, Come Out of Your Cave dives headfirst into the real-world struggles and purpose of those that feel they are called to be God’s chosen prophets. In a world so tainted by sin and destruction by the enemy attacking and chasing prophets out of the body of Christ, Prophet Come Out of Your Cave reveals the schemes and strategies that Satan uses to silence God’s prophets.

“Satan and his demons will use any weapon they can get their hands on to discourage, stop, or even destroy the prophet. If he cannot stop the prophet from doing God’s work, he will even resort to setting the prophet up to fall into sin or discredit their ministry somehow. He often uses addictions, offenses, rejection, abandonment, threats, misunderstandings, and divisions to destroy the prophet.” “God is calling His prophets out of their caves. He is calling His prophets to take their positions.”

Praise for Prophet Come Out of Your Cave:
“Michael Bacon’s book, Prophet Come Out of Your Cave, is a very timely book. It is a book that I totally recommend for the Body of Christ, especially those involved in the five-fold ministry or in intercession. I would encourage you to read with spiritual ears and eyes and not from a denominational filter. I believe this book will awaken hearts to move from the old wineskin to a new wineskin. Whenever you have a move of the Holy Spirit, you will always have counterfeits appear; but God is raising up His true tribe that will be taught, trained and released. Michael Bacon has a heart for the body of Christ to be transformed and renewed in wisdom and revelation.” -Rev. Solomon J. Buckley, Overseer/Director of Fresh Wind International Missions Base



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